How To Buy Now

Buying a Harbor Ready Home just got EASIER!

    How does BUY NOW work?

    Your new home is only a few clicks away. No more rushing to open houses just to be outbid again. Buy Now from Harbor Homes makes buying a Ready Home easy and stress-free. Just follow these three steps!



    Spend some time on the website looking through the available homes (Find Your Home/Available Homes). Then click the BUY NOW button on the home you want.



      You’ll need to enter information such as name, contact information, and financing information for you and any additional buyer (if applicable). You will use airSlate to e-sign disclosures and documents.



        Using a credit card, you can make an initial $500 down payment on your new Harbor Home.


          What about all the documents?

          Don’t worry. We’ve made that EASIER too! Using airSlate, we’ve streamlined the process. You just need to follow the workflow, answering the questions as you go. Once complete, you’ll receive an email with a link to the documents. There you’ll be able to review, edit and e-sign and initial each of the required documents. Here are the documents you will go through.

          • Residential Offer to Purchase: This document includes information about the purchase price, financing information, and contingencies forinspection, radon testing, appraisal, and additional provisions.
          • Harbor Homes Addendum S: This document provides provisions specific to building a new home with Harbor Homes.
          • Wisconsin Right to Cure: This document outlines the process for resolving any potential disputes concerning construction defects after the home is built.
          • Consent for Use of Electronic Documents and Signatures: This is your consent to use email and electronic versions of information, disclosures, contracts, and other documents.
          • Disclosure to Customers: This document explains the duties owed to you from Harbor Homes while providing brokerage services.
          • Harbor Homes Warranty: This document details the one-year limited warranty, home orientation, and procedures for service requests.
          • Neighborhood Protective Covenants: This document outlines the rules of the Home Owners Association.

          Once all documents have been e-signed, they will be submitted to a Harbor Homes team member, who will contact you to discuss the next steps. It’s that EASY!

          Do I need an airSlate account to fill out the documents?

          No, airSlate will walk you through the Document Slate and create documents without having an account. If you do have any existing airSlate, PDFfiller or SignNow account, you can use it to complete the Harbor Homes BUY NOW process.

          Can I save my offer and come back to it, or do I need to complete it all at once?

          You should take your time with your offer and make sure you're comfortable with it. Once you start an offer, you can save it by clicking the “Save as draft” button and entering your email address. You'll receive an email with a link that allows you to pick from where you left off, rather than having to start again.

          Can I save or print my documents?

          Yes, you have the ability to save your documents for offline access and printing. Once you’ve completed the documents, click Download to view and save your documents.

          What kind of financing information will I need?

          Before making an offer for a new home, you should talk with a mortgage lender. Here is the information you will need to know to complete the BUY NOW process.

          • The loan type (conventional, VA, FHA, etc.)
          • The amount you are financing (the purchase price less your down payment)
          • Loan term & amortization term
          • Monthly payment
          • Discount points (if applicable)
          • Fixed or adjustable rate. If you are getting an adjustable rate, you’ll also need the initial rate and term.
          Can I make my offer contingent on the sale of my current home?

          The BUY NOW process does not allow for a Closing of Buyer’s Property Contingency.

          You will need to contact a Harbor Homes salesperson to discuss your offer.

          What if there are other options I want to add to my offer?

          You will have the option to include Additional Provisions/Contingencies as you go through the questions.

          How do I make a down payment?

          To reserve your home, we require a $500 down payment with a credit card. You can make the down payment after completing the documents. An additional $2000 will be collected by check after your offer to purchase has been accepted.

          How do I know my personal information and payment information is secure?

          We take the responsibility of having your data seriously. For that reason, we’ve contracted with airSlate and Stripe. They are both certified and secure. More information about their security measures can be found on their websites.


          I’m working with a real estate agent. How do I make an offer with BUY NOW?

          Your real estate agent can make the offer in BUY NOW for you. The first question in the workflow asks if you’re an agent. When your agent answers “Yes,” the process is tailored to an agent making the offer for a buyer. Your agent can complete the offer and it will automatically forward it to you and your co-borrowers for review, signatures, and down payment.

          What if I want more information about the house before I buy it?

          Our experienced sales staff is always here to help. Simply contact the Harbor Homes salesperson for the property you’re interested in. We’ll make sure to get you the information you’re looking for.

          What if I change my mind?

          We think you’re going to love your new Harbor Home, but on the off chance you change your mind, you have 3 days to cancel your contract. Any down payment you’ve made will be returned to you.

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